Darrin Preece

Darrin has been an owner/parter in many businesses for 25+ years. Between retail, service industry, blue collar, and the online education industry he is a wealth of knowledge for running a successful business. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses and their employees to the next level. Darrin is your go to guy when it comes to knowing your numbers in business. The numbers in a business tell you a specific story and outcome of the company. Darrin is an expert in knowing the numbers, explaining what they mean, and teaching how to track and understand them. 


Darrin is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team. Helping companies grow stronger leaders is key to the success of a business, and he is skilled in team trainings. He is great at getting a business back on track and helping the company grow. He cant wait to start working with you and helping you build, develop and reclaim your business & personal growth!


Ali Preece

From the time that Ali was 16 she knew that being an entrepreneur was the only path for her to take. Growing up she was always around her dad, who owned multiple successful businesses and picked up a passion for helping others and an interest in the aesthetics of branding, social media, video production and graphic design. 

Ali truly has an eye for the creative side, and she is the design expert behind The Preece Co. She is in the business of helping young people reach their potential, whether it’s building a business or just helping them grow personally. She is passionate about personal growth and development, and has great insight into what it takes to becoming a young entrepreneur. She truly believes that today’s youth can completely change their lives, if they only knew their true potential.   When it comes to creativity and discipline Ali is your girl.  She can help develop a program to help you become more focused in your life and your business.