28. Cutting out Mindless Activities for More Passive Productivity

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Today we are talking about quitting the mindless activities that we do daily that waste our time and are not serving us and replacing that time with passive productivity. You will be shocked at how many changes you can make that seem really small will make a huge impact on your life. The CDC did a study that shows that the average human wastes 3 hours and 13 minutes daily on unnecessary things, so let’s take some of that time back. 


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I would like to start this off by saying that IT IS OKAY TO RELAX, sometimes it is okay to do mindless activities, this is specifically intended to add more productivity into your day in areas where you won’t miss the mindless activity. 



Reading instead of scrolling on social media

  • Kindle, Physical Book

  •  (Fiction or Nonfiction – Reading any genre is better than not reading at all)

  • Home:

    • How many times have you been sitting on the couch at night staring mindlessly at your phone while scrolling through social media? 

    • How many hours of your day do you waste doing that, not even realizing it? 

    • If you were to replace the time you spent scrolling social media at night with reading, how many books would you read in the next year?

  • Out & About:

    • You can also use this in public situations, have you ever been waiting in a long line, or sitting in a waiting room, or wasting time scrolling through social media? 

    • Download the kindle app on your phone, or buy a physical kindle if that fits your needs better, and spend that time reading. 

  • Replacing your time MINDLESSLY scrolling social media with reading can make a HUGE improvement in your life. 

  • This doesn’t mean that you need to give up scrolling social media altogether, just when you are doing it to kill time.


Using Apps To Learn

  • Duolingo, Udemy, Elevate, Brilliant, 

  • You can use these in all of the same situations that we gave earlier, or you can just add these into your routine. Having apps that help develop your brain is a huge productivity increase and having them at thumbs reach makes it SO EASY to be consistently learning. 


5 Second Rule


This is something I learned from Mel Robbins, and you can read more about it in her book the 5 Second Rule, but the point of it is to help break through procrastination by counting down from 5 and then getting up and doing it. There is no reason to sit in procrastination when you can just get up and get it done. 


Listen to Podcasts/Audiobooks while commuting


This is a great way to take in knowledge while doing something that you do every day. You can listen to audiobooks while you drive/walk or you can listen to podcasts as well. This can add hours of passive productivity to your routine depending on the length of your commute


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