Boosting Your Confidence & Learning To Love Yourself!

We are in an era of life where comparisons, nit-picking, and filters are the norm. We no longer feel confident in our skin because we watch all of the beautiful people on social media. Filters have gotten so good that you simply can’t tell that somebody is not showing their true face. They are depicting a version of perfect that does not exist in the real world. We’ve been watching this happen for years, between photoshop, magazines, and models. But the truth is, none of that is true. Photoshop can completely change how you look, the size of your body, and even the color of your hair. Magazines pick the best picture available out of hundreds and still have it edited to their standards. Models are unhealthy and don’t show true body shapes and sizes.  We have been brought up to think of these people as the definition of beauty, but in reality that is not what people look like. 


To start gaining your confidence, you need to start filtering the content that you see. Is there someone that you follow that makes you feel self-conscious or bad about yourself every time? Unfollow. Is there someone whose content is un-motivating or puts you down? Unfollow. You are in control of the content you consume, so if something is not serving you, just unfollow them! You may need to take it as far as taking a social media detox. I believe that social media is a great tool, but it also can be toxic and addictive. If the thought of deleting social media for a few days, a week, or even a month scares you, it might be your sign to take a break from it. 


Another really important thing to start implementing to feel more confident is exercise. Now I am not telling you that you need to be lifting weights and working your ass off, because that may not be for you. But moving your body for 30 minutes every day is going to completely transform your confidence.  Not only will you start to see results (eventually, don’t get caught up in that at the beginning or you will be let down), but you also will be extremely proud of the things that your body can do. You will be proud of yourself for making it through a workout. You will start to build strength and muscle. You will feel good! It is really hard to feel bad about yourself when you are feeling good. Start small and work your way up, but exercise is key to building confidence in yourself. 


When you are trying to feel better about yourself, something that can help you get there is personal development. This can play into a lot of different things. When you hear personal development you may think “woo woo” growth stuff, and maybe that interests you. That side of personal growth is my sweet spot, but it isn’t for everyone. For you, maybe you just want to focus on an area of your life to improve. Whether it means to start reading books, or learning, going back to school, or just taking classes. Whether it means searching the internet for practices that you can implement. Whatever it means for you, when you take time to grow yourself it makes it easier to love yourself. You no longer will be stagnant which will make you feel good about yourself. 


Sometimes we need to get out of our own heads and into a new hobby or activity. We spend so much of our free time scrolling on our phones that we are wasting precious time to find a new hobby that we enjoy. What is something that you have always wanted to try? Try it! It could be anything from learning to code, baking the best-decorated sugar cookies, reading, making music, dancing, cooking. Whatever it may be, you are probably hindering yourself from actually trying it because you are so focused on external factors. 


Take some time for yourself and just relax. It is perfectly okay to watch a movie, spend a few hours binging tv, do whatever the hell you like to do, and not feel guilty for it. We live in a society that puts praise on ‘hustle’ and shame on relaxation and rest. If you are not resting your body and mind you have no chance at building your confidence because you will be constantly burnt out. So if you are looking for permission to rest, here it is. Do all things in moderation though, if you rest all of the time you will never get anything done. So plan your days wisely and rest when your body or brain needs it, but don’t overdo it.



I hope that you have learned something from this post! What is one thing that you do to boost your confidence? Comment down below. Thank you so much for reading and we will talk to you next week! 

Ali Preece

Ali Preece

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