31. Constant Self Education is the Key to Success

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This week we are talking about Constant Self Education as the Key to Success.  So to start things off, answer this question for yourself.  What is Self Education?  Self Education to me is this:  Taking the time to educate yourself to make great strides in your development as a leader, business owner, friend, parent, or anything else that helps you to become a better person.


There are many types of Self Education.  Things like reading, listening to podcasts, attending seminars or conferences.  But the biggest thing is how you implement those things you are learning into your life and business.  How many times have you read something in a book, learned something new in a conference, or podcast and you’ve said to yourself,  I need to do that?  For me, those times have been countless.  I’ve been to more conferences, classes, seminars in my life that I have said that same thing.  I have bookshelves full of books, conference binders, certifications that I have completed throughout my life that have helped me become who and what kind of person I am today.  


In today’s episode, we challenge to you actually implement the things you are learning and we give you a 7 step process to implement for success. 



Ali Preece

Ali Preece

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